Suburban Shopfront Improvement Grant

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Opened: 18th October 2021 Closing: 30th June 2022. Purpose: Provide matched funding up to $5,000 to 10 businesses with less than 20 staff who operate within the Brisbane City Council region (but not within the CBD itself) to upgrade the frontage of their shop. The applicant must be in a ground floor building within a local business precinct with customer access from the street. The work they will fund includes things like artwork/murals, awnings, tiles, lighting, doors, etc. The underlying … Continue reading “Suburban Shopfront Improvement Grant”

You Can’t Cram for a Grant!

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Have you ever looked through the ‘how to’ guides on how to write your grant? Have you noticed the first piece of advice is always ‘be prepared’? It’s good advice! Not just for grant writing but for life. BUT WHY? To give yourself the best possible chance of funding you need to build a strong grant application. It takes time to gain traction and be prepared. To understand why preparation is so important in the world of grants and funding … Continue reading “You Can’t Cram for a Grant!”

Moreton Small Business Expo 2021

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Full of hope and wide of eye we turned up to our first small business expo. Armed with the knowledge and insight from the training we received from Paula Brand @ Small Business Expo we had our game day smiles on. Determined to stop and meet everyone there we watched others setting up, introducing ourselves as early as we could. When the official opening rolled around at 9:45 we took our chairs in excitement. Listening to the opening messages was … Continue reading “Moreton Small Business Expo 2021”