Business Basics Grant

Round 3

The Queensland Government has released its grant schedule for 2022. The first grant to open is the Business Basics Grant. This is a $5,000 grant to support businesses to increase core skills and adopt best practices. 

The 5 key priority areas included in this funding are:

  1. Training and coaching
  2. Website build or upgrades
  3. Professional business advice
  4. Strategic marketing services
  5. Business continuity and succession. 

Grant opens at 9 am Wednesday 4th May.

To be eligible for this grant, the business must:

  • Have fewer than 20 employees.
  • Be operating and have an active Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Be registered for GST
  • Have a Queensland headquarters and an operating address in the relevant funding stream
  • Have an expected turnover of $300,000 or less for the current financial year
  • Not have been approved for funding under an earlier round of Business Basics
  • Have owners/directors that are not undischarged bankrupt, and are solvent. 

The following activities are eligible for funding:

Training and coaching
Business Development, marketing, human resources, or business planning topics
Training/coaching of up to 4 months in duration

Website build/upgrades
Website build or upgrade (including website refresh)
Adding e-commerce
Developing new website content

Professional business advice
Business plans

Strategic marketing services
Strategic marketing plans including search engine optimisation advice

Business continuity and succession
Business continuity or succession plans
Cybersafety training and tools

The funding will not be granted on activities with:

  • A total cost of less than $5,000 (excluding GST),
  • Payments made on any activity undertaken before Grant approval

The following activities will not be funded:

• Activities bought using crypto-currencies, barter, or services in-kind.
• General business operating costs (e.g., bookkeeping/accounting, tax returns)
• Real estate/property, hire, lease, or rental fees
• Goods, services, or fees from related parties.
• Travel
• Franchise fees
• Purchase of stock
• GST, registration, and fees
• Maintenance of existing digital technologies
• Salaries
• Fleet vehicles
• Computer hardware (e.g., computer services, PCs, tablets/iPad, mobile phones)
• Other hardware / devices / equipment (e.g., televisions, EFTPOS, card and chip readers)
• activities bought via direct selling (e.g., by party plan or network marketing)
• delivery, credit card, and transaction fees
• Memberships and joining fees
• Website hosting
• Implementation of marketing tactics such as advertising, direct marketing, or campaign delivery (e.g., Google AdWords, Facebook advertising, or similar expenses)

Grant opens:
Wednesday 4th May at 9 am

Approved applicants must:
• start their grant-funded activity within one month of entering into the funding agreement
• Complete their grant-funded activity within four months of receiving approval 
• Not pay for grant-funded activities before entering into the funding agreement
• Deliver the grant-funded activity as per the funding agreement
• Advise DESBT of any proposed variations for approval
• Keep all application evidence, supplier quotes, corresponding invoices, and bank transactions for audit purposes. 

Applications must be submitted through the DESBT SmartyGrants website 

∇ Collected detailed quote/s from supplier
∇ Have your statutory declaration signed and witnessed. 
∇ Preview sample application to prepare

Important information regarding supplier quotes:

  1. If your Total supplier costs (excluding GST) are less than $5,000, you will not be able to proceed with the application. 
  2. Only two supplier quotes can be attached to the application. 

A supplier quote must include the following information:
Supplier name – as appears on the corresponding quote
Additional information – any helpful information regarding the details of the quote
Quote amount (excluding GST) – be careful to only input the GST exclusive amount
Supplier attachments – quotes must include:
     • Supplier Details – supplier name, ABN (if Australian), contact details, and website URL
     • Details of the grant-funded activity, description of services, an outline of key activities
     • Where possible, quotations must be a formal quote on business letterhead.
     • A shopping cart print-out (including suppliers name) for online purchases is acceptable where a formal quote is not possible. 

Supplier tips:
Choosing suppliers best suited for your needs include the following factors:
• Location
• Reliability 
• Stability
• Price
• Business values

More information on how to choose a local supplier can be found here

Applicants will be assessed according to the extent the grant-funded activity will:

• Enhance the business’s core skills and adopt best practices;
• Positively impact revenue growth and gross profit;
• Be likely to create jobs growth within the business; and
• Demonstrate value for money.

DESBT may prioritise applications for fair distribution across geographic areas; other economic factors such as priority industries; and Queensland’s diverse business population.

Business Basics Grant Application Package

$ 180 plus GST
  • Development of competitive application proposal
  • Support to obtain supplier quotes
  • Development of application process plan