Grant Management Services

Is it all too overwhelming?

The team at Phoenix Jara Grant Specialists can support you throughout the grant application process. 

From interview preparation to outcome reports to project management. We find a tailored solution to your needs. 

Let us simplify the grant process for you. 

Contact us to discuss your needs. 

What does this include:

  • Phoenix Jara Grant Specialists offer a bespoke tailored service that includes a combination of all other services. We can help you find the right grant and create the application to go with it.
  • Our specialists can help you with the leg work to collect the required information for you application. This can include (but is not restricted to) activities such as obtaining a required number of quotes through to market research. Expectations and parameters of this service can be discussed during the consultation.
  • We also offer a wrap around service that supports you through all stages of the application process including (but not limited to)
    • Ensuring business, financial, and strategic plans are up to date and accurately reflect the current business position.
    • Preparation for interpersonal assessments such as interviews, conferences, and presentations.
  • Once your grant is approved, we also offer services to help manage the grant to ensure it meets the requirements proposed. We do this through our project management services that include monitoring milestones such as reporting, submission due dates, gathering required documentation throughout the project/time period, and providing progress updates as required.

$110 per page of content provided by Phoenix Jara Grant Specialists.
$180 per hour for consultations and research time. Please note you do not pay for us to research the grant you are applying for. The research includes activities such as leg work. 
The price advertised is a guideline only. The fee structure will depend on grant and business complexity. 
Contact us for more details.