Investing in Queensland Women Grant Program

Round 1
Applications Open: February 2022
Applications Close: 28 February 2022 

Round 2
Applications Open: July 2022
Applications Close: 31 July 2022 

Applications must be either
1. An incorporated, not-for-profit, community-sector organisation,
2. A Queensland local government authority

Applicants must also:
1. Be based in Queensland, AND
2.Have no outstanding financial accountability, service delivery or performance issues for funding provided by the Queensland Government; AND
3. Hold, or provide plans to obtain, insurance which will cover the appropriate time period.


The purpose of the Investing in Queensland Women grant program is to support community groups and organisations across the state’s urban, rural and remote communities to develop and deliver projects and/or events that align with the Queensland Government’s strategic priorities and address the unique issues faced by women.

Target Groups:

People who identify as women and who may be more vulnerable or experience multiple levels of disadvantage including:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • People with a disability
  • LGBTIQ+ people
  • People from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds (including people on temporary visas)
  • People in rural, regional and remote communities
  • Young people
  • Older people

Funding Available:

Category 1: Up to $5,000. Small scale projects and/or events (e.g., awareness raising event, a workshop or a training session, or a project to develop a set of resources such as stickers and posters).

Category 2: Up to $10,000. Larger scale projects and/or events involving a larger audience or multiple events, or with longer term impacts (e.g., a series of workshops or events, a set of resources to be used well into the future, a medium to large scale awareness-raising campaign); or

Category 3: Up to $15,000. More substantial initiatives involving multiple elements, which may be delivered jointly between two or more organisations or community groups, and where there is a matched contribution to the initiative from the delivery partners (e.g., a government grant of $12,000 will require a partner contribution of $12,000 = total initiative cost of $24,000). This may include case contributions and in-kind contributions.

Eligible Expenditure:

  • Resources, materials, and publication costs
  • Equipment and venue hire
  • Publicity, communications, and marketing activities
  • Food and non-alcoholic beverages for community engagement activities
  • Staff and consultants, where the costs are for direct delivery of the project only
  • Guest speaker fees
  • Travel – within Queensland only
  • Evaluation activities
  • Childcare provided by qualified providers in an accredited setting for women participating in the project or event.

Proposed projects or events must:

  • Be delivered during the grant round’s six-month delivery period, AND
  • Be delivered in Queensland, AND
  • Support the purpose of the grant program.