Brisbane Business and Jobs Expo

The day of the Brisbane Business and Jobs Expo had arrived. We felt like veterans this time. We’d already done this once. We were looking forward to an awesome day of meeting the most amazing people and hearing their inspirational stories. As is always the case on the morning of any big day I found myself feeling like the day is full of promise.

This may surprise you, dear reader, but I am an introvert. Many people have made the assumption that I’m an extrovert because otherwise how could I stand there talking to people all day. I must love the noise and attention, right? I must love being amongst the crowd. The truth is, I am simply a small business owner who believes in my message. I believe that my business can and will help not only other business but the greater community to grow, succeed and become more resilient.

So I thought I would put together a survival guide for other introverts, and maybe not so introverts to help you through the days like this.

My top learnings that make the experience so fun and successful.

  • Always wear comfy shoes: We found the best position to talk to potential customers was from the front of the stand. This meant you were standing up. We also ventured out and  walked around to visit the other stands. After over 6 hours of standing comfy shoes were a must have.
  • Bring plenty of liquid: After talking non-stop for 6 hours, I was so grateful for the water we did bring. you will be talking to potential customers (hopefully) for 6 hours. Your throat gets very dry. While there are hydration stations you have to get away from the stand to get to them. We found this was an issue during busy periods. Ie All day. There can also be lines at the hydration stations. Its always a good idea to have some backup liquid of your own.
  • If necessary, hire help: One of the biggest learnings from the last Expo was that we didn’t have the capacity to meet everybody who visited our stand in addition to meeting all the other stall holders present. With this in mind, we took the opportunity to hire help. Our new recruit made such a huge impact on our day and represented Phoenix Jara Grant Specialists so incredibly well. With his help, we were able to make so many more connections.  
  • Smile and say Hello: It costs you nothing and can lift someone’s day. Customer service can set you apart from the crowd in todays busy world and a small act of kindness is sometimes all it takes. There were a lot of stands at the expo and it may be that what they remember is your attitude. We were overwhelmed at how many people stopped to talk to us (that we learnt are prime candidates for our services) simply because we greeted them as they walked past.
  • Talk to everyone: While the person you are talking to may not be a candidate for your service or product, they may know someone who is. The business they are currently promoting may also not be their only business. Talking to people is the only way to connect and find out if they are someone you could potentially be doing business with.

So with a tired body and an uplifted spirit we say goodnight to the second last Business Expo for the year. We do it all over again at the Redlands Expo and I’m still excited for the new people we will meet there.

It’s like the old adage says – you get out what you put in

Tina X Panel

In addition to attending the Brisbane Business and Jobs Expo, we had the honour of speaking at the Tina X Panel. The panel consisted of six amazing women who were able to share inspirational insights into different aspects of business. The most rewarding part of the experience was the interaction with the Audience, both during and after the event. The thought that we may be able to help other businesses on their journey through our own learnings is such an incredible feeling. I just wish we had more time.

On that note, here are some quick snaps we were able to take of the day.

Hope to see you at the final Tina X Panel of the year at the Alexandra Hills hotel where we get to do it again.

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