Suburban Shopfront Improvement Grant

Opened: 18th October 2021
Closing: 30th June 2022.

Purpose: Provide matched funding up to $5,000 to 10 businesses with less than 20 staff who operate within the Brisbane City Council region (but not within the CBD itself) to upgrade the frontage of their shop. The applicant must be in a ground floor building within a local business precinct with customer access from the street. The work they will fund includes things like artwork/murals, awnings, tiles, lighting, doors, etc. The underlying principle is the work will create a significant difference between now and when it’s done, will generate new customers, and contribute to the local character of businesses.

If you or somebody you know is interested in this grant, you need to provide at least 2 quotes for the proposed work.

Tips to a successful grant:

  1. This is matched funding. Develop a proposal that has a budget showing exactly where the funds will be allocated. When getting quotes, get multiple. For example, if one of the main features of the upgrade involves a mural reflecting the local scenery (for example, painting the harbor on a local fish a chip place), get quotes from several artists.
  2. Funds should be reinvested back into the local community. When looking for quotes, where possible try and engage services in the community you reside in. Most funding bodies are not a fan of materials/labour being imported from outside of their area. Government is much the same – when the funding is from an LGA, all parts of the project should also be from within that same LGA.
  3. If you are part of a shop front that has shops on either side who are willing to improve the local character in a consistent way (i.e., continuing artwork alongside all shops, similar frontage design, etc), demonstrate how this partnership will work can help boost your application.
  4. The projects that are most likely to succeed are those that refresh the full façade in a creative way. The funding body doesn’t just want a change in signage or a mural. They are interested in an entire project that incorporates multiple upgrades that interconnect.
  5. Current frontage. Priority will be given to shopfronts in poor condition or state of repair. This is provided the proposed improvements will creatively enhance the shopfront’s appearance.

It should be noted that it could take several months after it closes for the funding body to determine eligibility and allocate funding.


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