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CALD COVID-19 Health Small Grants Fund


Closing 31 January 2022

Projects to be finished by 31 March 2022

Grant Amounts $2500, $3500, $5000

Why participate?

This grant is designed to ensure all Australians, including those from cultural and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds, have access to accurate and useful information on the COVID-19 vaccination. The government wants to work with those who already have those networks in the CALD community to reach out and help support the work you do and possibly extend to include vaccination information if this is not included currently. 

Funding can be for short-term, one-off, communication, and outreach projects that address the criteria and objectives and should be completed within 3 to 4 months of receiving funding.


  • Must be a not-for-profit organisation or if not must be auspiced by a not-for-profit organisation that is incorporated and be able to accept legal and financial responsibility for the project
  • Groups or Organisations must be located within, or deliver a project within, the target community and must have evidence of direct benefit to people in the target community.
  • Group or Organisation member(s) preparing the application are encouraged to attend the relevant briefing session. (There is a webinar on the FECCA website)
  • Must show clearly identified community need, relevance to the objectives, creative and strategic approach, capacity to deliver, and potential to apply the program to other areas.

Funding Principles (as per guidelines)

As administrator of the Project, FECCA will operate based on these principles:

  • Community Engagement: FECCA will support projects, groups, and organisations that will work with diverse organisations and are adept in the intersecting issues affecting people from culturally, ethnically, and linguistically diverse communities.
  • Evidence-based: FECCA will support projects, groups, and organisations that will provide an evidence-based approach and with new and evolving ways that can build community knowledge and capability.
  • Builds on community assets: FECCA will support projects, groups, and organisations that recognise communities as having intrinsic capabilities and as sources of valuable social assets that are critical in building trust in the COVID-19 vaccine program.
  • Partnership and collaboration: FECCA will support projects, groups, and organisations that are committed to partnering and collaborating with other community stakeholders to help widen the communication infrastructure and amplify key messages. FECCA will also support those willing to share their learnings on the project with other communities.
  • Transparency and accountability: FECCA will support projects, groups, and organisations that will demonstrate commitment to governance processes and ethical standards that protect the vulnerable in the community.

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