You Can’t Cram for a Grant!

Have you ever looked through the ‘how to’ guides on how to write your grant? Have you noticed the first piece of advice is always ‘be prepared’? It’s good advice! Not just for grant writing but for life.


To give yourself the best possible chance of funding you need to build a strong grant application. It takes time to gain traction and be prepared. To understand why preparation is so important in the world of grants and funding read on…

  1. Missed Opportunities.

If you don’t know it exists, you can’t apply. Being prepared means you can take advantage of more opportunities. There are many grants available throughout the year, yet many are open for such a limited period of time. Some organisations only advertise funding opportunities once a year for the next year. Some opportunities close in less than a day. By setting up your own grant calendar, you can position yourself ahead of the competition and give yourself time to write a highly competitive application.

  1. Competitive pools.

There are different types of application pools. Competitive pools close once a certain number of applications have been received and can close within hours. The number of applications funded is also pre-determined so your application is assessed against everyone in the pool. Other grants you may just be assessed on your idea or project. Regardless of the pool, you need to find a way to set yourself apart from the rest. What makes you worth investing in?

  1. Application Forms.

Depending on the nature of the grant the application can appear simple or complex. Even if you are looking to do the bare minimum it takes time to have a viable application. If you want to go further and build a strong competitive application that puts you ahead of the pool that can take more time. The best applications show what you are doing, how it benefits the community, and what sets you apart from the competition.

So what can you do to prepare?

  • Know what opportunities are out there. Keep up to date on what grants are coming up. Start on the application as soon as possible.
  • Show your application to a trusted family member, friend, or colleague. Have them cast a critical eye over it.
  • Keep the basics of your business up to date. Have a current business, financial and strategic plan.
  • Show how you can upscale your idea. For expansions of current products of services – show how you can upscale current systems and structures to meet the increased demand. For new products or services – show how they can be upscaled in the future. How is it viable?
  • Have your application ready to submit as soon as it opens. If it opens at 9 am, be there ready to hit submit at 9 am.
  • Keep in mind, the application process is to show why you are worth investing in. You need to be putting your best foot forward.

The team at Phoenix Jara Grant Specialists wants people to succeed. The more you succeed, the more the greater community benefits, from job creation to building a stronger more resilient community. We also know sometimes you need a helping hand. We can assist you to stay on top of opportunities. We can help you nail that winning application with our grant writing and grant review services. We can support you to be ready for all stages of the grant application process with our grant management services. For your successful grants, we can also help you manage the grant itself and ensure you meet all deadlines and oversight requirements, through our grant management services.

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